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Pioneering the highest standard of education in ABA Therapy.

We founded KAM Behavioral Academy because we have witnessed that the ABA Industry is growing at such a fast pace that the education and training provided to technicians hasn’t kept up. This is leading to Behavioral Technicians that are under prepared to take on the challenge of our field and fulfill the demands of clients, their families and our community. At KAM Behavioral Academy we can change that!

We are creating a new standard of Behavioral Technician Training that incorporates the standard education curriculum with the essential elements of ABA application in the field and hands-on experience. This combination of foundational learning, real-world application and professional aptitude leads to technicians that are better prepared, ultimately resulting in superior results for clients.

KAM Behavioral Academy delivers the highest quality results and creates technicians who are ready to fulfill the purpose upon which the ABA Therapy Industry was founded.


The Founders

KAM behavioral Academy was founded by 15+ year ABA Agency experts and owners.

KAM Behavioral Academy was founded by Armine Danielyan, Khrist Kakosimidi and Mike Round. With more than 15 years of industry experience KAM’s leadership team witnessed how the quality of technician in the field determines the impact, improvement and future of each child or Individual served. KAM’s founders understand that the demand of the ABA industry has grown so fast during the past decade that the study guides, course work and teaching have not been able to keep pace and prepare future technicians with the skills needed to fulfill the high-quality standards of ABA. Right now, the ABA Industry is facing a drastic shortage of experienced and qualified Behavioral Technicians needed to serve the growing population of those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This shortage leads to a common wait list at ABA agencies that can be months long. To keep up with demand and shorten this waiting period agency owners and recruiters will often hire inexperienced staff. This results in Behavioral Technicians unprepared for the rigors of the role and leads to high technician turnover. In turn, this leads to slower client progress, dissatisfied client families and a poor perception of the ABA being an effective approach to treating and supporting those with ASD. The founders of KAM have made it their goal to solve this problem and create a better experience for all involved. At KAM we understand that this work and its purpose must be carried out by individuals that are certified, specialized and prepared in all aspects to have the biggest impact. It is the passion and purpose of KAM’s founders to see this happen. 

Armine Danielyan, CEO

Khrist Kakosimidi, CFO

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Learn more about the history & future of the ABA field and what this means for your career.

The Professor

Meet KAM’s professor, Jose D. Rios, BCBA. Study with the best! 

The Professor

Meet KAM’s professor, Jose D. Rios, BCBA. Study with the best! 

The Course

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