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KAM Behavioral Academy’s behavioral technician curriculum was designed with quality being the highest priority. At KAM we aim to have all students finish with the skills, professional ability and confidence to excel in the ABA field.

The Next Available Classes Begin January 2023


Course Syllabus

Each Week Includes:


Pre-Recorded PowerPoint Presentation


Live Zoom Discussion

(Not available with all course packages)


Reading Material & Homework


A Quiz




Introduction to the course, the professor, the field of Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder & Other Developmental Delays. 



Basic Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

Breaking down the important principles of Behavior Analysis including: explaining behavior, explaining the enviornment,  antecedents & consequences, motivating operations and more. 




Learn about important assessment material such as the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Preference Assessments.



Skill Acquisition & Program Implementation

Learn about behavior intervention plans, behavior reduction, and teaching strategies. 



Data Collection & Graphing

Identify and Explain different types of measures used in Applied Behavior Analysis.




Note Writing using ABA Terminology.




Ethical Guidelines & Considerations including the importance of supervision, the Ethics Code for RBTs, responding to feedback and Mandated Reporting. 




We will use this week to review the material so far. At the end of the week there will be a Final Test that is similar to the RBT Test. 



Real World Scenarios

Start preparing for scenarios that often happen during therapy such as eloping, self-harm, tantrums, nonverbal restrictions, and Center-Based Therapy. 



Real World Scenarios Continued

Focus on Tantrums and Non Verbal Restrictions. 



Real World Scenarios Continued

Focus on Center Based Therapy. 




Review everything you have learned over the last three months and prepare for the final test! 

Your Career

Learn more about the history & future of the ABA field and what this means for your career.

The Professor

Meet KAM’s professor, Jose D. Rios, BCBA. Study with the best! 

About KAM

Read more about KAM Behavioral Academy and what makes us different than other programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course take place?

Our three month program typically begins at the start of each season; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall quarters in January, March, June and September. But currently, our next cohort will not start until January 2023.

Whats included in the course curriculum?

In the KAM Behavioral Academy RBT Course, you get much more than your average 40-hour certification program. We will go through the important details of Behavior Analysis and explore real world examples. We also will focus on career opportunities and job placement. See our Course Page for a full breakdown of the course curriculum. 

Are courses pre-recorded?

Some classes are pre-recorded. But not all of them. And each week there is a live discussion on zoom to discuss the course material. This isn't your average 40-hour certification program. This is a full 3-month long course in which you will join a cohort for live discussions and interactive learning. 

What is the job placement program?

Unlike most 40-hour certification programs, you are joining a cohort. You will get to know your professors as well as our administrators. We offer job placement opportunities so that this is not just a course but a career path!

What partnerships are available for employers?

We offer two types of partnerships with employers. You can be part of our job placement program and/or use our course to train yoru staff! Contact us to discuss the details. 

What is the criteria to apply?
  • 18 years of age or older 
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Pass background check
How do I begin?

Use our Register page to start your journey today! 

This Is Not Just A Course,

It's A Career Path.

Why KAM Behavioral Academy?

Live Professor Support

Our professor works with students live and offers help to those who need it. Personalized attention means you become a better RBT.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program includes live zoom meetings, reading, homework, discussions, and more. When you get your RBT Certification with KAM you walk away with a thorough understanding of Behavior Analysis and everything required to be an RBT.

Career Placement Opportunities

KAM can help you find the perfect job to use your new RBT skills after completing the program. Know that this isn't just a course but a career building opportunity.

Online Courses Accessible to Anyone Anywhere

Our courses take place online and are available to anyone, no matter where you are. We value convenience and accessibility for our students.

Begin Your RBT Certification Program

Become A Behavior Technician - your training starts now.  Join our Class Tonight! Join the Gold Standard in ABA Care and train with KAM Behavioral Academy.